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A Little Help From My Friends

These days we hold events with speakers who come in to share their stories from all over the country. They’re inspiring and awesome stories – and we all leave believing we can do that too! But my favorite event of the year, the one that really gets my socks going up and down, is the one where our members get to sit down in small groups with fellow members to learn something that they can apply to their business right now.

At our February event, six women led small group sessions where they taught us something specific that we could do to better market our business, and here’s what I learned.

Jen Dalton, CEO of Brand Mirror:
We must be intentional in our messaging so that our personal and business branding is perfectly aligned. Our messages should vary in tone from emotional, to value-add, to functional across the gamut of the different topics we speak about.

And she left me laughing out loud with the best quote of the night:

“Fred, people are not meant to fly. Don’t wing it.”

Christine Wilson, CEO of MtoM Consulting:

If we’re not using the apps on your phone to make video, we’re going to be missing out. Consumer Internet video traffic will surpass 80% by 2019 – and there are lots of things we can be capturing to engage more with our audience via video. Adding a video to a website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times.

Erika Dickstein, CEO of Spring Insight:

Let our ideas run wild. Have a great idea for a message we can share? The next question is, how can we multiply it? Can it be multiple blog posts? A webinar? A live presentation? A single seed can create a garden.

Heather Miller Cox, CEO of Mighty Little Web Shop:

DEFINE OUR NICHE: Create a mental box for our services by using this framework: (our company) is a leading provider of (expertise) to (prospects). A narrow position statement can reduce or eliminate the competition.

Nicole Krug, CEO of Social Light:

Think of what makes you react to something on social media. Then look at our own content. Are we relatable or just pumping out content that people skip right over?

Meghan Dotter, CEO of Portico PR:

Use storytelling to explain your work with a specific customer. This helps your audience understand how you might be able to help them. It’s tough to relate to broad descriptions like PR or IT, and we might not otherwise appreciate the full value of what a wardrobe consultant provides, for example.


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