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A Boss Lady Salute

Hey Sister Bosses! Did you know October 16th was National Boss Day? It’s time to celebrate you and all the steps you have taken to control your own destiny and impact others with your business. But how in the world do we do it? While we all may be tempted to measure ourselves against other bosses, how much revenue we bring in, or what our staff even does for us on Boss Day, please don’t go down this rabbit hole. Instead, consider trying this.. honor yourself. 

Let Boss’s Day be an inspiration for you to celebrate being a business owner. Often we are so focused on the happiness of our clients and staff, we forget to put a value on our own contributions to making things happen.  

Since you alone are the Boss, you alone can choose how to celebrate your own achievements. Don’t rely on others. Here are some suggestions:

Ways to Boss Up? 

  • Reflect on what it means to be a Boss. There are many definitions, but I happen to like 

Boss Lady /Boss-Lade/ noun = A badass independent woman pursuing her dreams who knows her worth and talent. Share your definition on Instagram with the hashtags #bosslady, #bossup

  • Explore what kind of Boss you are.  Are there any changes you want to make to your style or do you plan on leaning in to what’s working right now? I consider myself a doer not a talker. I go into hibernation to figure out solutions and then come out like Dragon Lady Daenerys (Game of Thrones) However, full disclosure in our safe space, I am aware this can prevent connection with others. So I plan on improving my communication to be a better Boss and leader. Don’t expect any cute Tic Tock videos from me anytime soon though. ☺
  • Splurge (a little): You are still a woman who needs to treat herself sometimes even when bills are due. You make responsible decisions all day. Do something not on your to do list for crying out loud!

Whether you choose to celebrate in a big or small way, know that you deserve it and know that there is a community of fellow Her Corner Bosses cheering you on!

As always, Be Well and Let’s Get It Done!

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