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32 iPhone Apps to Run Your Small Business

The pace of small business has never been more relentless. The good news is that you have a whole toolbox in your pocket: your iPhone. Here are 32 apps I use every week in my work at StreetShares.

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Mail and Calendar

Gmail – If you’re a power Gmail user, this is the way to go.
Outlook – Surprisingly useful, this app may be the best thing to come out of Redmond in 20 years.
Google Calendar – Use the “schedule” view to see your day at a glance.
Week Cal – Full of features, sometimes at the expense of an elegant layout.

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Record and Remember
Camera – See something you want to remember? Snap a quick picture.
Evernote – Take a note, copy text, set a reminder, record a voice memo.
Scanner Pro – Get rid of your clunky scanner. Toss your fax machine.
Reporter – Where does the time go? Use this app, and you’ll know.

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Team Communications
Slack – Keep your team communicating, without filling up the email box.
Trello – An easy way to visualize the projects that your team is focused on.
Scrumwise – If your team uses Scrum, this is an easy way to stay focused on your sprint.
Dropbox – Easily share documents between devices and users.

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Sworkit – Build short, high-intensity workouts. Even if you don’t have access to a gym.
Headspace – Practice mindfulness with guided meditation sessions.
Voice Dream – This app turns any document into an audio recording. Great for catching up on reading while in the car, or anyone with a reading disability.
Wakie – Get a wakeup call from a real person.

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Navigating the Physical World
AirBnB – Rather than stale hotel rooms, live like the locals.
Uber – From Point A to Point B.
Fiverr – Have a quick task to get done? Get cheap help fast.
OpenTable – Grab a table for your next business meeting.

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Spread the Word
Buffer – Schedule, synchronize, and post to all social media.
Nuzzel – Find out which stories are trending within your social network.
VSCO Cam – Professional-quality photo editing right on your phone.
IFTTT – “If this, then that” — build automated connections between apps and social media.

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Primer – From Google, daily tips to improve your website and online marketing.
Podcasts – Beyond Serial, podcasts entertain, educate, and inform.
Duolingo – Got customers who speak a different language? Practice and learn in minutes a day.
Audible – Those business books aren’t going to read themselves… unless you have Audible to read them to you.

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Khan Academy – Learn something new every day. Available free to anyone in the world.
VerseWise – With several translations available, read the Bible with search and note-taking tools.
Constitution – If you’ve served in uniform, you took an oath to support and defend this document.
Phone – Looking for inspiration? Call your mother.

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Peter Somerville is Director of Investor Relations at StreetShares. Peter is a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran and graduate of Yale University. He previously held leadership positions in the nonprofit and political sectors.

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