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Delegation – For Real

I have been the suckiest delegator out there—and the most in denial.

I’m pretty sure if you’d asked me six months ago whether I was a good delegator, I would have smiled politely at you and told you that obviously I knew how to delegate. Otherwise how would I have managed to do what I do?


Want to know what really makes you delegate? Move out of the country.
Make it physically impossible to take care of situations. Make it impossible to get on a plane and go solve a problem. Put yourself in a time zone so far away that you cannot be on the calls, you cannot be part of the majority of day-to-day issues and challenges.

And then watch. Sit back and watch.

Because something absolutely amazing will happen.

Holy crap. People step up. And they do it really well! Suddenly you realize you’ve actually been in their way. The people you knew were really good are so much better than that. But I had to let go to let them shine. This need I had to be part of all the decisions, to have a say—it actually slowed everyone down. I was in their way.

So take a look at delegation. Are you really doing it? Or are you telling yourself you are delegating?

There’s only one way to find out.

Let go.

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