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We Are All The Same

Three days after I moved into my new office in New Zealand, a local business owner reached out to see if I could talk with her about her business.

A couple of days later, two more emails came in – would I meet them to talk about their businesses too?

Within seven days of moving into my new office, I had to establish office hours so that I can keep up with my regular work, while also being available to the local community.

I had only been in New Zealand for one month, I didn’t have a local professional reputation and they had no way of knowing whether I was any good or if I could help them.

So why were they reaching out?


And here’s what that truth is:

As soon as I arrived, I put myself out there. I posted on the local groups that I had just moved here and that I was happy to help women who were building their own companies. Personally, I wanted to meet local business owners. Professionally I was curious to learn more about the kinds of businesses and business owners who live here.

But I also assumed that women want to talk with other women, just like we do in the States. And that’s exactly what I’m seeing happen here.

Here’s the thing: we are all the same. We share the same fears and the same trepidations. We are all looking for peers and role models, we are looking for shared commonalities. And we have the same questions—questions we feel more comfortable discussing with other women: How did you do it at this stage of your life? How did you do it with kids? How did you get over not knowing how to do this? We relate to one another as women, and we want to talk to other women to learn from them.

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