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How to Pinpoint Your Marketing Message: Is it About You or the Customer?

Last week I received two emails that perfectly exemplify the challenge of getting your marketing messages right. Too often, we talk about what we think is important about our business or service, instead of putting ourselves into our customers’ shoes and talking about what matters most to them.

The first email was from an investment fund that had just closed a major round of fundraising. The subject of the email was something like, “Great news! We’ve just raised $20M!” As I scrolled through my inbox and saw the subject line, I thought to myself,


Do you see how they forgot to pull the thread all the way through to the customer? Why should I care that you raised more money? Now if, instead, they had framed it in a way that told me exactly how them having more money will affect me, that would have been much more effective. Something like, “Need funding? We just raised $20M, which means easier, quicker loans for you. Apply now!”

The second email was from a software company that allows you to keep tabs on your kids’ social media behavior. The subject line read: “Know what they’ve deleted for just $0.03 per day.”

Now that is brilliant. This company pinpointed EXACTLY what I am most worried about as a parent-namely, that my kid is doing something bad online and hiding it from me.

And they pointed out that the cost of me knowing this information is so low, how could I not want to buy?

Take a look at your marketing messages. Are you focusing on yourself and your business? Or are you telling your customers and clients how you can help them? I challenge you to take a look at your latest Facebook ad or prospecting email and ask yourself this: “Does this address the real need of my customer? Am I explaining the value of my product or service in a way that speaks to my target customer?” If not, rewrite your copy to put the customer first.

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