Message from the Founder

Unsure. Unsettled.

So many of us woke up this morning with a completely different outcome than we’d expected (and for many of us, hoped for.) If you’re like me, it makes me feel completely unsure of our future, even a little scared. Scared of the unknown, even scared for the world my children are about to live in. And that’s a very unsettling feeling.


These days stress experts have expanded the fight or flight response to include freeze. Since we can’t really fight back at this point, and most of us cannot leave our families, our businesses, our homes, we may find our response is to freeze.


This morning I didn’t want to get to work. I didn’t want to review financials, think through marketing and positioning, and prepare for class tomorrow. I wanted to stare out the window and just try to process. And there is a need for processing, but there can’t be room for freezing.


As business owners, we have to move forward. We have to work through the fear. My favorite definition of courage has always been that courage is not getting over fear, it’s about walking in the direction of our fear, one step at a time, even when we don’t know what the outcome will bring.


So I’m asking you, and reminding myself, let’s not stop moving. Let’s not stop making progress. Let’s continue to move forward and make progress in these businesses and in our lives.


And let’s do that even as we all begin to make a dramatic paradigm shift about how the world we live in will look like going forward.

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