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Her Corner Monthly Theme: May 2013

“Money, time and results . . . “

This month, we noticed that there were three themes that were frequently discussed during the May 2013 Her Corner meetings. As I met with our facilitators to discuss the overarching topics that members seemed to be working through right now, we determined that all of these were important enough to capture and share with our members. And so, this month, we’re sharing three themes that came up repeatedly during the May Her Corner meetings:

The first theme is a consistent one – access to money in order to grow. Underfunding a business cannot only stall growth; it can also hurt a business’s chances for survival. So how do we get smart on ways in which we can access money? One of my favorite books this year was called “A Rising Tide” written by a fellow at the Kauffman Institute. In the book there are many resources for women business owners looking for access to capital. On a local level there are some wonderful resources, some of our community banks, including Xenith Bank, Eagle Bank, and M&T Bank are great places to start, or micro-lending bank, One Degree Capital, where member Dana Taylor can share her personal experience and how she found them. But what about Kickstarter Campaigns, lines of credit or loans, angel investors and venture capitalists? I asked some of our members who work in this space to share articles they thought would be relevant to our members. (See below)

The second theme revolved around the sentiment of frustration at how much work these businesses demand, especially if a business hasn’t yet hired staff to help run the business. In fact, the frustration also touched on the fact that many women built companies to have more flexibility, including the flexibility to take some time off during the summer and enjoy life a little more. But the ability to do that seems very challenging, especially when we work so very hard. There is one member whom I really admire: over the course of her business with her husband, they have managed to raise 3 children, she’s an avid rower, they take wonderful vacations (they’re just back from 2 weeks in South Africa) and enjoy weekends on their boat. Catie O’Keefe is a wonderful reminder and example that it can be done, even if the rest of the time you have to work really hard to take that time off. Again, we asked some of our members for articles on striking the balance between the intensity of growing and running a business and enjoying life too. (See below)

Finally, a very interesting theme came up this month that is driving some creative solutions that I loved hearing about! Accountability, motivation and productivity: the need to stay focused on results in order to achieve our goals, and the challenge of remaining productive day in and day out while fighting distraction. While Her Corner assigns accountability partners, some find that’s not enough. I was delighted to hear Her Corner facilitator Maxine Teller share that some members are now setting up working sessions with one another over the next few months to ensure that they have productive blocks of time. It’s a terrific way to remain motivated and to think creatively with another person or two in the room!

As always, from all of us here at Her Corner, we hope you will enjoy learning from your fellow members and maybe even take advantage of one of their offers!

Here’s to your continued business success!

Frederique Irwin
Founder, Her Corner 

Access to Money

 Laura Chmar of MainPoint Capital writes: “Show me the money: How to build a business that has value to a buyer

 Courtenay Shipley of Fiducia Group recommends, “You don’t get shit you don’t ask for,” by Humbled MBA.

Work life Balance:

 Hillary Berman from Popcorn & Ice creamA personal story about building a business with work-life balance in mind.

 Karen Brody from Bold Action – “A memo to moms: eat / pray / sleep”

 Mimi Darmstadter of My Life’s Work on Making the most of your Summer Schedule via “Summer Salad”

 Linda Black of LifeMark Securities welcomes all Her Corner members to attend her classes at no charge!

 Karen Brody of Bold Action offers Her Corner members 15% off of her list prices.

 Laura Chmar of Main Pointe Capital offers up to 10 Her Corner members a
complimentary one-on-one 45-minutes working session on working towards both you personal and your business financial goals.  In this working session you’ll:

–    Identify both your personal and professional goals and the resources and timing required
–    Discuss smart ways to put money in, and get money out, of your business
–    Create an initial action plan to move you towards your financial goals

 Rachael Cook of The Yogipreneur offers special Her Corner pricing on all training programs and 1×1 consulting.

 Rebecca Dallek of Dallek Coaching offers 10% off session prices to anyone who is referred through the Her Corner network.

 Mimi Darmstadter of My Life’s Work offers all Her Corner members (or member’s immediate family) a 10% discount off individual coaching services.

 Courtenay Shipley of Fiducia Group offers discounted rates to other Her Corner members.

 Pleasance Silicki of lil omm yoga offers 10% off 5/10/20 class passes for HER corner members.
These classes can be used for any of our over 40 drop in classes a week.

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