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Her Corner Monthly Theme: February 2013

“Marketing Strategies for Small Business”

One of the most commonly discussed business topics among Her Corner members is the topic of marketing. We often hear members discuss marketing strategies, whether online marketing has replaced offline marketing, and how to best market their business in order to attract their target market.

In early February the topic voted on by members for our speaker series was marketing and advertising and our speaker Hulya Aksu did a beautiful job sharing her personal experiences as well as laying out ways in which to think about how and where we spend our marketing time and money.

But the truth is, we also have a wealth of knowledge and expertise right here in the Her Corner network. And so for this month’s newsletter we decided to reach out to our members whose businesses offer marketing services and ask them to share articles and content as well as any offers they have made to Her Corner members. As an added benefit, they have also included tip and work sheets on how to get started on some of these marketing activities. We hope you’ll be able to learn from the women around you in Her Corner as together we help one another grow our companies.

From all of us here at Her Corner, we hope you will enjoy learning from your fellow members and maybe even take advantage of one of their offers!

Here’s to your continued business success!

Frederique Irwin
Founder, Her Corner 

 Nhora Barrera of TMN Corp on Media Planning for Diverse Audiences and the ‘Pros and Cons’ of Spokespeople in Marketing

 Hillary Berman of Popcorn & Ice Cream on Engaging with Customers and How to Approach Marketing

 Erika Dickstein of Spring Insight on Common Home Page Mistakes and how to avoid them

 Kathy Gambrell of Studio 60 Media on the topic of Live Blogging and the ROI behind it!

 Lori Saitz of Zen Rabbit on Inbound vs Outbound marketing and how to Strengthen Existing Client Relationships

 Melanie Spring of Sisarina on Newsletters That Work and how to write Content for the Web

 Nicole Skuba of Blue Tree Digital on the 7 Steps to Marketing your Business


 Melanie Spring: A worksheet on What is Your Brand?

 Erika Dickstein: A checklist for Taking your Website from Good to Great

* Please note that our April 4th Speaker Series is on the topic of Social Media. As such the May newsletter will focus specifically on social media content.

• Erika Dickstein of Spring Insight offers Her Corner members a free website consultation

• Kathy Gambrell of Studio60 Media discounted rates on editorial and content services for Her Corner members

• Rebecca Gunter of Operation Eatery offers Her Corner members a free 2 hr consultation, or we offer discounted rates to other Her Corner members

• Lori Saitz of Zen Rabbit offers a complimentary one-hour consultation to set up a client appreciation system that fits your marketing plan ($150 value)

• Melanie Spring of Sisarina offers Her Corner members with a free one-hour of consulting ($125 value) on marketing, branding, social media, or their website

• Nicole Skuba of Blue Tree Digital offers a free one-hour marketing consultation to other Her Corner members

• Amy Zydel of Undercover Printer offers 20% OFF Any Banner or Display Purchase from Undercover Printer

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