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Featured Entrepreneur: Pleasance Silicki

Can I tell you about Pleasance, and what I love about her business?

Pleasance, the founder of DC’s Lil’Omm Yoga Studio is one of the most genuinely authentic women I have ever met. She is an ambitious business owner who seeks to learn as much as she possibly can to build the business of her vision, a place where employees love to come to work and customers (children included) feel the strength of the community she is building. In fact, I had heard of Pleasance’s yoga studios a year before I even met her, so not only is she building strong businesses, but also a solid personal and business brand. But what I love about how she’s running her business is her openness and willingness to ask for help, to share her personal experiences (successes and fears,) and to strive to constantly prioritize the things that matter the most to her. Do you know why I love this about her business? Because by making herself just a little vulnerable (not too much information, just a little,) she is creating a group of us who want her to succeed, who want to help her, and as such we become her supporters, which in turn creates buzz then business. (Exactly why I’d heard about her a year before I even met her!)

Pleasance is a member of our Glover Park group,
and she’s an extraordinary entrepreneur and a woman to watch! 


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