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Two Priceless Attributes Of One Business We Love

The Her Corner team has been working with one particular company for years now, not only because of the service they provide but because of two priceless attributes they bring to the table.


At times, we have to beg them to work with us, not because they are too busy to take us on, but because they won’t until we fix a few things. The business owner even told me once that my website was a hot mess and she wouldn’t let me spend a dime until certain things were improved.


And while no one likes to be told that something isn’t perfect, we go back to this company again and again.


Here’s why.


I go back for the honesty. So many people are afraid of being direct, but to hear it from someone trying to sell you something? That’s priceless.


And I also greatly appreciate this company’s integrity. So many companies will sell you something even if you’re not ready for it. Or don’t really need it – just to make a dollar. But how many companies will actually say no to you if they don’t think you’re ready? Or if they don’t think they can help you?


Those are the companies we should look to work with. Honesty and integrity can’t be bought, and they’re very hard to find.


Thank you Susan!

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